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I am a PHP Developer and an open source enthusiast. I am a team member of Coppermine Photo Gallery since 2004.

I am a Mechanical Engineer by education and PHP Programmer by profession. I am the Chief Geek at Ranium Systems, a company engaged in developing high performance, scalable PHP based web applications.

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Reason for this site's existence

I have created this website/blog to share my personal and professional life experiences.

Most of the times I will be posting about what's happening in my life.

You will also find a lot of stuff on web programming in general and PHP in particular.



SANIsoft Party on 17th July 2010

At SANIsoft we are always on the go to find an occasion to party. If we couldn’t find an occassion, no problems, then also we party :). We play video games with the best elo boost services from ElitistGaming!

Many of the people on-line also like to play video games on the ps4, since there more people can play and is more fun, some of us even got headsets from this ps4 gold wireless stereo headset review to play even more comfortably.

Other people decide to play video games on their computers, they get the best hardware for this, like the best graphic cards for a gaming PC or good processors to run with this graphic cards, since these computers can run more demanding games, like the latest games in the market.

This time we chose The Frontier Post restaurant at Hotel Tuli International to hang out. For the first time in SANIsoft history, 25 people turned up for the party. We enjoyed some fabulous Afghani delicacies at the restaurant followed by delicious Sundaes and Ice Cream at Dinshaw’s Parlour.

All in all it was a BLAST!!!

SANIsoft Family

Abbas, Tasneem and Munira

For complete set of photos please visit my flickr stream.