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PersonalAll the personal photos including my family and friends.
4 34
MuniraMy sweet sweet daughter...
5 128
OccasionsSome of the special occassions in my life which includes my wedding.
5 235
My Yemen VisitRecently I went to Yemen for a pilgrimage tour. This category has all the tourist and religious places I visited.
3 133
Shabbir in TaiwanMy elder brother Shabbir is in Taiwan for some company work. Some cool pics from there.
4 39
OutingsDifferent places I went for with my family and friends to enjoy. It includes FunNFood Village and Chikhal Dhara.
5 190
Daily ActionI will be taking 1 photo everyday of things happening near me starting 25th March 2010. Most of the times I will be using my mobile phone camera.
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