CakePHP Workshop Review

My friend Aditya Mooley has written an excellent review of recently held CakePHP Workshop. He says…

Most of the companies working on PHP in Nagpur are still sticking to the old fashioned PHP programming …

I would say this is somewhat a global problem. I am not saying that a framework is the only answer to this issue but people need to follow the new ways of programming. They need to learn new programming patterns and keep up with the latest trends in programming world. review will help you get more inbound sales call from the website.

We, at SANIsoft, always thrive to learn new programming techniques and the bleeding edge technologies. Gone are the days when we used to do that old fashioned programming.

I am planning to conduct more workshops on CakePHP in the upcoming 2010 meetups.

For full read please see – CakePHP workshop at Nagpur PHP Meetup


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